April 11, 2005

It's official. Please pop by.
All the posts from this site are archived there, sorry I was too impatient to list comments individually.
 The name (this update in April 2008) has been changed - please change your bookmarks if you have been kind enough to blogroll this space (and I have not emailed you already).
Goodbye little green, grey and red place, you have served me well....(yes, I know the colours have changed. My goodness this is old, isn't it. )

April 09, 2005

group blogs are GO

Another great offering, this time from a conglomerate of litbloggers who are not necessarily academics. Sorry, that should read Co-Operative. My fave blogger Mark Sarvas has rounded up all their strength and sweetness into one...umm, the Marvell parody just ran out of juice right there. But you should have a look, it's a useful space which should work very well.

Both this blog and The Valve will provide the interested reader with constant analysis of the phenomenon of litblogging. So I will be pointing you in the direction of a few titbits from time to time, saving myself the task of said analysis, as well as hanging around 400 Windmills, Chekhov's Mistress, the Australian blogs listed on the right, and The Elegant Variation.

I'm enjoying the travel to work on the train as an excuse to indulge the charming Melburnian habit of reading on the rails ( apparently not very common on public transport in the States, some bloggers claim).

Recent reading: Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album, interspersed with literary mags from the Victorian Writers' Centre ( one of which published two articles from weblogs), chunks of Don Quixote and the Phoenix Book of Irish Short Stories 2003 ( okay, I read that one at home in bed like a good Melburnian). And speaking of bed...

April 05, 2005

abandoning the print

Dan Gillmor's portentousness aside, this is an interesting and substantial piece on the flight to online news sources.

Finding a Valve - what would Trilling do?

‘Your voice is your own, if you take responsibility for it. This unimpaired prospect of suiting myself holds back concerns that the sheer volume of blogstuff has gotten appetite suppressing… Then there is the worry that compulsively reading 30+ blogs a day has all the hallmarks of mild narcotic addition. And, yes, the fact that the blogosphere has been colonized by all literary and intellectual vices known to man, and a few invented specially for the occasion.’

From a lovely new offering, The Valve, Miriam Burstein of The Little Professor and Dan Green of The Reading Experience are part of this venture and the first substantial post on offer is written with Trilling’s essay, “The Function of the Little Magazine” very much in mind.

I couldn’t help chuckling the first time I read this – I really thought they meant invented voices here, not vices. And plead guilty on all counts. Even if I’m not being paid to speak or play up, Fran.

March 31, 2005

getting around the traps

Blogrolled again - this time at Mountain Murmurs and Stack.
Mountain Murmurs is one of those lovely creations developed by yet another cleversocks who knows how to install Wordpress. Great design, Ron...There seem to be quite a few Wordpress devotees in Australia - Kent at Dock of the Bay is another.
Stack is a friendly spot for booklovers and those of you already reading overseas literature blogs. Georgina hails from NSW but despite that! we are pretty much kindred spirits. This post is pretty funny - shades of Black Books.